Proper Window Installation

Accepting That Windows Will Leak The second half was our dawning realization that windows are, by nature, failure-prone. It’s not a matter of if windows will leak, but when. Windows are complex, full of junctions, corners and seams — rife with opportunity to leak moisture. Easily 20 percent of windows are already leaky when delivered to job sites, based on sill dam tests. A certain percentage of windows will leak coming off the assembly line. More will leak after being packaged and shipped, yet more after unloading at the warehouse. Still more will leak once the windows arrive at the job site and are moved around, and even more after they’ve been handled and installed. Then come the forces t

Basement Leak, External Crack Repair

Among the foundation crack repair methods available, external crack repair is a good solution for leaking foundation cracks in poured concrete foundations. This waterproofing method is used when crack injection is not possible, or when a homeowner does not want to have a finished basement wall opened. About Foundation Crack Repairs Typically, we recommend, and our clients agree with, pressurized resin injection for most poured concrete foundation repairs because it is less expensive and typically less destructive than excavation; also, viewing the cracked concrete from inside the basement allows for an assessment of the cause of the cracking as well as the positive identification of the sour

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