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Leak Detection & Restoration Specialists

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Why Choose Us?

Leak Detection & Infrared Inspection
Building Envelope
& Restoration
One- Stop Building Solution

Leak Detection & Inspection

Leak detection, to find the cause of building leaks.

We perform non-destructive building inspection, by using an industrial-grade infrared camera, our staff is also equipped with the latest drone from DJI equipped with the infrared camera capable to inspect large commercial buildings and condominiums.

We also offer survey services for commercial structures for air leaks, water leak, and thermal efficiency. 

Windows & doors replacement, custom design & gallery.

Stucco & Siding

Stucco and EIFS acrylic installation and restoration.

Fibre cement and metal siding for commercial, multi-family, industrial and residential

What We Do

Building envelope leak calgary
Window leak
Leak Detection Calgary

Building Envelope 

Design, consultation & restoration of Building Envelope and building enclosure, of walls, foundations, decks and flat roof

& Waterproofing

Building envelope leak calgary

Windows and Doors


"They really are experts when comes to leak detection and they did resolve the issue at first try, at contrary of other contractors that we did hired in the past, that were trying to guess without any results." 

Gary S.

Infrared Leak Inspection Calgary

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