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Provide professional and affordable services to clients in the Calgary area. Leave worry out of the equation by taking advantage of our Restoration Service & Leak Detection Inspection, and letting the experts handle it. We’d love the opportunity to work with you and show why our exceptional service sets us apart from the rest of the field.

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Thermal Infrared Inspection

Leak Doctor offers several type of inspection, one of the most common is Infrared thermography, this is the only proven non-destructive method for identifying moisture and energy loss. 

Discovering deficient areas within your facilities, reduce operating costs, and create more efficient building maintenance practices and reduce greenhouse emissions.

An appreciable amount of money can be saved by building owners & operators through the correct application and use of Infrared Thermography and Building Envelope Inspections. Timely investment in an Infrared inspection and combine with a Building Envelope Performance Survey can ensure the structural integrity and safety of residential, commercial or industrial buildings. It can also serve as a quality control tool, to ensure that insulation has been installed correctly.

. The infrared thermal imaging camera can capture moisture and temperature differentials which reveal water penetration, condensation and the source of mold problems or structural failure.

Often the infrared inspection require to be combine with other type of inspection, like building envelope or foundation inspection, call 403-879-1110 for more information.


Aerial Infrared

Thermal Roof Inspections

Roof Wetness - Do you know the true condition of your roofs?


  • Your roof could be leaking into the decking insulation and you may not know it.

  • We can detect issues early on before they become major and expensive problems.       

  • We can inspect several buildings or large campuses efficiently and effectively.

  • We have inspected hundreds of buildings and helped property and facilities managers more effectively manage their properties.


Building Envelope & Leak Detection

Leak Investigations

Leak Doctor™ provides comprehensive leak investigation services. These include a detailed analysis of the leak, including an assessment of damage to structural and non-structural materials, including any potential structural failure, determination of root causes for the leak, whether due to design issues, original installation or subsequent repair, sealant failure, as well as flashing failure or design flaws. Repair or remediation plans will be developed for consideration by the client.

Maintaining the Integrity of the Building

Prevention of the penetration of water/moisture into and through the facade of a structure is an essential part of maintaining the integrity of the building. Leak Doctor™ provides the expertise and staffing to identify and remedy such problems, including repairing and undoing work that was either poorly designed or inexpertly executed when the structure was built or renovated. Application of the appropriate sealants and coatings to joints and processes which are properly designed and installed can significantly improve the structure’s integrity and reduce future expenditures for repair.

At Leak Doctor™ we will take the time to explain all of the options available when it comes to home exteriors and how you can save money with improved energy efficiency.

Updating your roof, can make a big impact on the curb appeal of your home and also add longevity. Leak Doctor offer a residential and commercial service.


Our commercial services:

  • New construction roofs

  • Complete roof replacement

  • Preventative maintenance

  • Drone Infrared Roof inspection and moisture detection

  • Coatings / restorations


Residential and Commercial Roofing

Leak Doctor Stucco Calgary

Siding - Stucco -EIFS

With over 27 years' experience, we pride ourselves on our excellent reputation for delivering professional first class services to all of our customers while providing the highest quality workmanship and experience in the Exterior & Roofing industries. At Leak Doctor™, we do NOT rely on sub-contractors! In-house trained employees perform all crucial work.


We are your local exterior construction experts, call today for a professional consultation.

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