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What We Do

Leak Detection &
Infrared Thermography

Leak Doctor™ provides a variety of inspection services using non-destructive methods such as infrared thermal imaging technology and drones.

Aerial Service

aerial inspection services using FAA authorized sUAS remote pilots with high-resolution infrared cameras

Windows & Doors

From design to installation of your custom window & door needs, Leak Doctor™ will manage the project from start to finish.

Water Penetration Testing

ASTM and AAMA testing procedures, forensic water intrusion diagnostic services. We provides a range of services to prevent, investigate, and resolve water intrusions in buildings

Building Envelope

Our Certified building science and envelope expert can design a building envelope solution that is customize for your home. 

Air Tightness Testing

Air tightness testing provides quality assurance testing of air barrier systems and components.

Stucco & Siding

We offer stucco & siding services for interiors and exteriors. We are a leader in exterior envelope and guarantee with lifetime warranty.

Net Zero Energy Homes & Building Compliance 

Net Zero refers to a home that is capable of producing as much energy as it consumes. As a leader in building envelope design we provide Net Zero residential energy consulting field, contact Leak Doctor Calgary

Our Projects

Condo Building Envelope Leak Doctor
leak Doctor Project



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