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Aerial Service

Building Envelope & Foundation Repair 

After identifying, we repair. We offer the full spectrum of waterproofing solutions to help keep your home dry, safe and healthy. 

Leak Doctor Drone Inspection

Aerial Services

Aerial Infrared Thermal Roof Inspections

We conduct inspection of EIFS wall for large buildings and High rise as well for large roofs like; Mall, Industrial buildings, Condominium, Institutional Buildings and more.

  • Your flat roof could be leaking into the decking insulation, and you may not know it.

  • We can detect issues early on before they become major and expensive problems.      

  • We can inspect several buildings or large campuses, efficiently and effectively.

  • We have inspected hundreds of buildings and helped property and facilities managers more effectively manage their properties.


Leak Doctor is a professional roof inspection service that specializes in aerial infrared thermal roof inspections, capacitance survey flat roofing and EIFS wall system testing. We provide our services in Calgary and surrounding areas, and we have been helping property and facilities managers more effectively manage their properties for years.

Our goal is to help building owners detect roofing issues early on before they become major and expensive problems.


Aerial Infrared Thermal Roof Inspections

85% of the roofs we inspect require immediate attention! It's crucial to know the true condition of your roofs, as flat roofs can be leaking into the decking insulation without you even realizing it. Our aerial infrared thermal roof inspections are the perfect solution to detect such issues. Our FLIR equipped radiometric infrared camera that is capable of producing high-resolution images and video. This service does not require roof access or disruption to the occupants of the building, making it an ideal choice for due diligence of commercial or multi-family property acquisitions.


Aerial drones, or small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS), have become increasingly common for commercial purposes, especially for building inspections. Our commercial drones are extremely safe, with advanced GPS systems that track up to 18+ satellites at one time. They have onboard optical avoidance sensors. We are Authorized Commercial sUAS Remote Pilots with a current inventory of four aircraft specially equipped with high-resolution camera systems. 


Capacitance Survey Flat Roofing & EIFS System

In addition to aerial inspections, we also perform a non-destructive inspection to confirm the presence of moisture by using an advanced technology called electric capacitance/impedance testing. This technology sends an electric current into the roof and is based on the material’s ability to store electrical energy. If there is moisture within the roof system, the dielectric properties will provide higher readings than a dry material would. 


Capacitance surveys can be performed with a hand-held device that is normally utilized for confirmation in conjunction with infrared or nuclear scans or on leak investigations for small isolated areas. A deck scanner can be utilized as a standalone tool for larger projects. Capacitance testing is more expensive than infrared testing and has some limitations, such as membranes that conduct electricity, such as EPDM, due to the carbon black within the material, and aluminum-coated roofs.


Commercial Roof Maintenance

Commercial roof maintenance is best done proactively. Performing an inspection of your building’s roof once a year is recommended to catch minor penetrations before they have a chance to escalate into costly repairs. 

Our aerial sUAS inspections can significantly reduce the time and expense of commercial roof inspections when compared to conventional methods. 

Building maintenance personnel usually rely on either self-performed visual observations during a walkover inspection or hiring a professional roofing contractor, who often refers the job to a third party roofing consultant. This proves to be costly and often ineffective. Unfortunately, roof inspections are often overlooked until someone reports a problem.


Our Services

We offer several types of roof inspection services, depending on the roof type, location, and client needs. The first is a visual photographic inspection using professional grade camera equipment to capture high-resolution digital images. 

These images can be provided in a traditional PDF report format that outlines our concerns found during the inspection. 

Alternately, the digital images can be uploaded to our cloud reporting platform that can

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