Restoration & Repair


Building Envelope & Foundation Repair 

After identifying, we repair. We offer the full spectrum of waterproofing solutions to help keep your home dry, safe and healthy. 

Building Envelope Repair

First, Leak Doctor™ provides a comprehensive leak investigation. These include a detailed analysis of the leak: assessment of damage to structural and non-structural materials; any potential structural failure; determination of root causes for the leak, whether due to design issues, original installation or subsequent repair; sealant failure; as well as flashing failure or design flaws.


Repair or remediation plans will be developed for consideration by the client. Leak Doctor™ specializes in Building Envelope, from foundation to roof. We are your ONE-STOP building solution. 

Maintaining the Integrity of the Building

Prevention of the penetration of water/moisture into and through the facade of a structure is an essential part of maintaining the integrity of the building.


Leak Doctor™ provides the expertise and staffing to identify and remedy such problems, including repairing and undoing work that was either poorly designed or inexpertly executed when the structure was built or renovated.


Application of the appropriate sealants and coatings to joints and processes which are properly designed and installed can significantly improve the structure’s integrity and reduce future expenditures for repair.


Condominium Foundation Repair


Foundation Waterproofing


Leak Doctor™ is a licensed, and experienced foundation waterproofing company offering the full spectrum of waterproofing solutions to help keep your home dry, safe and healthy. Please see below for a list of services we offer to homeowners and businesses.

  • Basement Waterproofing

  • Wet Basement Repair

  • Dampness Mould & Mildew Solutions

  • Mould Remediation

  • Foundation Cracks

  • Sump Pumps

  • Window Wells

  • Internal Drainage Systems

  • External Drainage Systems

  • French Drains and EZ Flow drain system

  • Waterproof Membranes and Coatings

  • Blue Skin, Delta MS, Platon, Bakor and Too Tuff Installation

  • Installation of Fire Escape Windows (also referred to as egress windows)

  • Excavation and Outside Waterproofing

  • Battery Back-Ups

  • Weeping Tile Replacements

  • Structural and High-Pressure Polyurethane Repairs, Carbon Fiber Reinforcement

  • Foundation Inspections and Assessments

  • Non Destructive Testing, Thermal Imaging and Scanning, Camera Inspection, and Mapping

  • Concrete Cutting, Coring, Drilling, Breaking, Sawing and Removal

  • Structural Engineering

Parkade & Concrete Waterproofing

Nothing is worse than water intruding an underground parkade. Dampness, unpleasant odours, unhealthy moulds, structural failure, stains on vehicles, and many other ills threaten your building when your your parkade waterproofing is failing. Plus, once your foundation starts permeating the water, the deterioration of concrete happens quicker.


Our underground parkade condition assessment investigates the performance of the building envelope components that are responsible for waterproofing the foundation of the building and identifies all defects and deficiencies. Our assessments consist of a detailed review of building plans and maintenance records, and an inspection involving detailed and invasive testing. Typically, an investigation will include a non-invasive testing bundle with infrared technology and specialized concrete inspection tools, in addition to a detailed review of the waterproofing membrane, sloping, water flow and water accumulation analysis throughout the property, quantification of the slab on grade settlement, identification of efflorescence, spalling and cracking of the concrete that may have been a result of water ingress as well as reviewing the performance of storm water sump pumps and catch basins. Our reports present the condition of different assemblies, findings of the investigation and estimate cost for remedial solutions.

Upon the analysis of our investigation, we present our recommendations to clients in an easy to understand fashion, allowing the parties to collaborate in choosing a solution. Leak Doctor stands by our principles of transparency, efficiency and professionalism, and this shows through our Parkade & Membrane investigations.

As specialists in both waterproofing and the complete installation of perimeter drainage systems, Leak Doctor™ provides you with turnkey service to ensure that your home will be protected from any risk of infiltration.


Leak Doctor™ Know-How

  • Expertise, technical assessment and diagnoses

  • Excavation

  • Installation of waterproofing membranes 

  • Installation of Geo-Wrap water repellent membranes 

  • Installation of French drains and catchment basins

  • Sump pump installations

  • Exterior crack repairs

  • Rehabilitation of the positive slope of the land after the intervention

  • Liquid membrane application

  • Mould removal

  • Structural engineering for restoration 

  • Structural engineering for new construction and modifications 






Water is a ubiquitous element in the surroundings of your building.

The land surrounding your home already contains natural moisture. It must also properly drain sudden water flows from rainfalls, snowmelt, runoff from the roof or even the watering of your yard. Your home can also be located in a floodplain or near a groundwater table, making it so that your land quickly soaks up water.


It is essential to protect your foundation walls according to the specifics of your property to ensure that your home stays dry.


Why is it important to waterproof your foundations?

Waterproofing foundation walls are often overlooked by manufacturers in favour of a simple tarring, which is certainly economic but is not resistant to cracks and damage in the long run. Tarring is not enough if there is a constant presence of water and moisture around the foundation. Only waterproofing can counteract these effects.


It is life-long protection that you can provide to your home as well as your own health. It is ideal to carry out waterproofing at the time of construction but if your foundation walls have not yet received waterproofing, it is possible to make this improvement at all times, whatever the age of your home.


Several processes and products are available to satisfy every type of need. In addition, you will ensure a beautiful future for your property by adding a drainage system adapted to the water flow of your land.


The exclusive Leak Doctor™ technique: waterproofing that will protect your house from all risks of infiltration throughout its life


Dampproofing or waterproofing?

Only the combination of waterproof and water repellent materials creates a protective seal against moisture while wicking water toward the French drain.

  • With the waterproof Rub-R-Wall membrane, your foundations are completely isolated from the ground. Elastic, it may restrain spalling concrete and even cracks reaching 3.2 millimetres (1/8 inch) in width.

  • When the Geo-Wrap waterproof membrane is placed over the Rub-R-Wall membrane, it protects the Rub-R-Wall against any risk of deterioration and improves the drainage of runoff water along with foundations.