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Stucco is making a comeback as an exterior home covering in the Calgary area for a few reasons. In addition to being incredibly versatile, it’s also one of the most durable home exteriors available on the market. In Calgary, homeowners are relying on the beneficial durability of stucco in cold and hot weathers to create gorgeous home exteriors that will last decades if not more. Leak Doctor™ is a Calgary-based company that offers Stucco services for both interior and exteriors of homes, and we can guarantee that your home’s potential can be greatly enhanced with a simple exterior change.

Stucco is made of a combination of natural and synthetic compounds including cement aggregates and acrylics. When hardened, it is surprisingly flexible and malleable, lending itself to exterior coverings. It’s also completely waterproof and incredibly durable, if installed correctly, we are leader in exterior envelope and we guarantee all our waterproofing with LIFETIME Warranty.

Our wide range of professional service including designing architectural stucco wall, EIFS application, customize stucco system, Architectural moulding installation, parging, stucco refurbishment, painting and caulking, and provide latest wall cladding solution of any type of construction projects in Calgary and surrounding areas

  • Exterior Insulation Wall Systems with predominate drainage application

  • Exterior Architectural Mouldings installation / Custom design

  • Designing Architectural Wall / Custom Texture and colur matching / wall cladding

  • New Stucco Application

  • Non Combustible wall systems 

  • Insulated Concrete Forms / ICF Stucco Finishings

  • Wall Restoration and stucco Refurbishment

  • Stone Aggregate Wall finishes

  • Exterior wall Soffit with venting

  • Caulking with Exterior custom painting

  • Stucco Painting 


Leak Doctor™ is also Specialize in Stucco and EIFS inspection and leak detection.

Non DISTRUCTIVE inspection: by using the most advanced technology in the field we can assess your stucco condition . READ MORE

Advantages of Siding

Siding comes in a variety of materials, all designed to be durable and long lasting. Whether it is vinyl siding, hardie, fiberglass or composite wood, your home will be well protected from the elements. Aside from durability, siding has a distinct energy efficiency benefit. As siding is installed directly to the exterior of your home, it creates an insulation envelope around the whole house. That extra layer of insulation will keep energy where it belongs and significantly reduce your energy bills. You can even see savings of as much as 60%.

While durability, energy efficiency and low maintenance are big appeals to siding, the largest attraction comes from design versatility. Siding, made of composite materials, can be made to look like virtually anything. From stone or brick veneer to authentic stained wood, your home can be revitalized or take on a whole new look. Your neighbors will wonder how a new home was built without them even realizing it. And the vibrant new look of your house will last for decades.

If you want to breathe new life into your home, call Leak Doctor™ and explore what siding products can do for you.


Every homeowner has a vast list of upkeep responsibilities when it comes to their home. Aside from the functional items, keeping up the appearance of the exterior is also important. This requires repainting every five years or pressure washing the brick or a number of other tedious but necessary actions. When thinking of home improvements, taking future maintenance into consideration, it is no wonder so many Calgary homeowners are flocking to having siding installed.

Siding offers your home a fresh new face. It is installed on the exterior walls of your house and gives you a versatile array of décor options that will make your home look newly built. Furthermore, it requires significantly less upkeep, eliminating the need for constant repainting or other laborious tasks. When it comes to quality siding, your exterior home improvement experts at Leak Doctor™ have what you need.

Our design consultants can help you find the perfect siding product for your home and our installation technicians are professionally trained and highly skilled, capable of completing your install quickly and accurately. That is why we are the top choice in Calgary for siding.

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